Building Care

With Traas Building Care we specialize in the protection, maintenance and special care tasks on your (monumental) house, office or store.

Damp and fungi

Do you have problems with damp and fungi in and around your house? We can impregnate the outer wall against moist, inject the inner walls against rising damp and apply special isolation chips in your crawl space against rising ground water.


Do you have problems with graffiti, dirt or moss? We clean with high pressure and special chemicals to get your walls clean fast and effective.


Do you have woodworm or damaged wooden constructions in your building? We can fix wooden constructions with a special epoxy technique (also called polymerchemical wood restoration). This allows us to maintain as much of the original construction as possible.

Want to know more about the protection and maintenance of your building? Contact us here.

Do you have a pest problem?

Do you need help with pest control or pest prevention? Contact us below or call us on 01747-830363 and our local pest control specialist will contact you within 24 hours!