Pest Control

Do you have a pest problem or do you want to prevent an investation? We can help! Traas pest control focuses on pest control, pest prevention and removal and elimination of pests. From removal of wood-destroying insects, treating the underlying problems to making thorough hygiene- and prevention plans. We have more than 20 years of experience in the field of pest control and pest prevention!

Experienced pest controllers

With our broad experience we are capable of solving your problems quickly and efficiently. For example:

Prevent and solve pest problems

Pests often have a negative effect on people. Think of a wasps sting, large amounts of flies, cockroaches in foods but also woodworm and funghi that can destroy your house or furniture. Traas Pest Control has innovative products and services to both prevent and remove pests.

Do you have a pest problem?

Do you need help with pest control or pest prevention? Contact us below or call us on 01747-830363 and our local pest control specialist will contact you within 24 hours!